Education in Port Blair

In spite of being the most favorite destinations among the tourists, Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ is one of those union territories that bear highest literacy rate. The education department of this union territory is dedicated to expand educational standards of the state and make it more qualitative. The school education of Andaman is known to be highly subsidized and extensive. Alike the other cities Andaman also follows the similar school education system.

Andaman is comprised of hundreds of schools, B.ed colleges, polytechnic colleges and many more offering quality education. The union territory also offers PhD level courses. Being not so expansive, Andaman offers great opportunities to the students of the city to pursue their education within the city.

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Education in Patna

Patna is known to be the educational sector of Bihar. Patna is well encompassed with prominent colleges and schools of the state. Large number of students from rural areas and other cities of Bihar prefer to pursue their education from Patna as the city offers the finest educational infrastructure. The wide network of schools and colleges has engaged large number of students across the state to enroll themselves. Indian Government has initiated to develop an education plan of Skill Development, Vocational Training and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to bring Bihar’s literacy rate among literate and educationally advanced states of India.

Patna is known to offer best IAS Coaching and the students across the state come to the city to pursue the same. City is home to 8 universities, prominent engineering colleges such as Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology and many more. With the help of these colleges aspirants are able to pursue quality education within their state. Evolution in school education has encouraged plenty of children to do their studies efficiently.

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Education in Panaji

Goa’s flourishing tourism is not only specialty of this state but the capital city of this state promotes education. Goa’s educational structure is well maintained and the quality education is imparted among the large number of students. The city has always considered education to be the most essential part. Alike most of the states of India, the educational system of Goa is completely managed by state government although most of the institution in the state are private run.

Goa has improvised educational system which has led the state to bear good literacy rate. The city is home to 6 government and 20 government aided colleges and 1 university. All the colleges are affiliated to Goa’s sole university, Goa University. Colleges in Goa offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in numerous subjects. Schools in Goa impart quality education to children.

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Education in Mumbai

Mumbai City is one of the most famous and populous cities offering students great opportunities to study and explore themselves. The city is well equipped with great colleges and schools functioning according to the changes occur in education system. State Government has made plenty of changes to modify Mumbai Education System and it has achieved qualitative excellence and enrollment of students from the city and out of the city is even more now. Large number of students outside the city come to Mumbai for their studies as Mumbai has excellent educational infrastructure and the best facilities are given to migrants.

Mumbai’s Educational Sector is created through the wide range of networks of primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. High quality of education in Mumbai has made it the most preferred educational hub among aspirants. The city is well equipped with 12 universities and hundreds of schools and colleges.

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Education in Lucknow

Lucknow, the major metropolitan city of India has progressed to a great extent and the city is comprised of best centers for higher education in India. The state government has established numerous schools and colleges over the years to enhance the educational growth of the city.
There are plenty of changes made to the educational sector in order to increase the literacy rate and make the learning more interesting and qualitative.

City has The city houses 10 universities and large number of colleges and schools providing cost effective education to pupils. Lucknow also has large number of educational institutes which includes IIM Lucknow. The educational infrastructure of Lucknow is pretty much systematized and developed.

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Education in Kolkata

Kolkata’s education plays a very important role in the development of educational infrastructure of the country. The city bears a rich educational environment since years. There has been some great changes made by government in order to provide quality education to students. Number of aspirants from other cities and states prefer Kolkata for their education. State government has come up with an idea of establishing more educational institutes across the city to increase the enrollment as well as the literacy rate.

Unlike other cities, in Kolkata students get enrolled in Junior (intermediate) colleges after their 10th to pursue 11th and 12th classes. The city houses 6 universities and several colleges and schools. Colleges in Kolkata impart knowledge in number of streams like medical, engineering and management are popular. Colleges like Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta Medical College etc and schools like Delhi Public Schools, Apeejay School etc are few of the prominent institutions in Kolkata.

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Education in Kohima

The educational infrastructure of Kohima and its state Nagaland has grown by leaps and bounds. The state bears good literacy rate as the evolution done to the educational system has been remarkable in past few decades. Nagaland is also considered as the “English State” of the country because official language of the state is English. Education imparted is qualitative and world widely acclaimed. Alike the other states Nagaland also follows the similar education system. The wide network of schools and colleges within the city motivates students across the state to get educated.

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Education in Kavaratti

Kavaratti is one of those island destinations which bears second highest literacy rate in the country. Education in the city has transformed from ancient to modern education in past few years. The educational growth of Lakshadweep has been really phenomenal as the government initiated to establish schools and colleges in the state. Earlier, students had to travel to mainland to pursue their higher education so keeping this in consideration there was an establishment of Jawaharlal Nehru College in 1972. Colleges in the union territory offer variety of subjects like Computer Applications, English, World History, Zoology,Chemistry, Physics, Fisheries, World History, Mathematics and many others.

Kavaratti is home to Calicut University and city has limited colleges and schools but they all provide quality education. IndiaEdu being a trusted educational resource bank since 1999 provides you accurate and relevant information of schools and colleges across the country.

Education in Jaipur

Rajasthan’s most fascinating destination, Jaipur has been rapidly growing in the fields of academics. Aspirants from the different parts of the country opt Jaipur to pursue their academic career. Jaipur is well known for quality education right from primary to college level and city assures great job opportunities to job seekers.

The city has witnessed massive expansion of reputed schools and colleges which are considered to be the most preferred ones by students. Rajasthan University in Jaipur is known to be the oldest university offering variety of courses and qualitative learning. Most of the aspirants from other countries prefer Indian cities for their academics, Jaipur has always been one of all the cities of India. The major educational center of Rajasthan houses 14 universities and large number of colleges and schools.

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Education in Itanagar

Itanagar, being the most beautiful city it also has well established educational infrastructure. There has been plenty of changes made to improve educational standards of the city. The education imparted in the city has the same scenario alike other cities of the country. Itanagar have been rendering fine quality education to the students and also providing them facilities.

Itanagar is well equipped with two famous universities named as North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology and Rajiv Gandhi University and many schools and colleges imparting quality education.

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