Universities in India

The existence of Higher Education System has moved India to the the third largest country bearing higher education after USA and China. The expansion of Higher Education System in India has held up a really good pace in last decade and the foundation of almost 20,000 colleges has come to being in all these years. In India Higher Education is either pursued from public or private universities, private universities are supported by managerial bodies and societies whereas public universities are supported by Government of India and State Government. Indian universities are recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC). Indiaedu as the India’s largest resource bank of all the educational institutes, universities and colleges since 1999 shall assist you with the best of information about universities and the colleges all around India.

University Grant Commission(UGC)
The UGC was established in November 1956 as a regulated body of the government of India by an Act of Parliament to look after the coordination and maintenance of standards of university education in India. UGC has set up six regional centers in order to fortify efficient region-wise coverage within the country.

After schooling students get themselves enrolled in general degree programs such as bachelor’s degree in arts, commerce or science or professional degrees such as engineering, law or medicine. Degree programs last for three years and university examination is conducted during every year. One gets graduate after receiving the degree and right after that post graduation level begins which lasts for 2 years.

The country has 42 Central Universities, 275 State Universities, 130 Deemed Universities and 90 Private Universities. The colleges established under the universities provide professional and academic programs.

Know about the types of Universities in India

  • Central Universities-Central University is also known as Union University. They are initiated by an Act of Parliament and all the 45 UGC listed Central Universities work under the control of the Department of Higher Education in the Human Resource Development Ministry. We provide city wise information of universities and colleges.
  • State Universities-State government of every state and territory of India runs all the state universities and they all are controlled by local legislative assembly act. Most of the universities are affiliating universities and they all administer large number of affiliated colleges in which academic and professional programs are conducted. You can easily avail yourself city wise information of universities and colleges.
  • Deemed Universities-Deemed universities are self governing universities and granted by Department of Higher Education on the furtherance of University Grant Commision(UGC) under UGC Act. You can be at ease by knowing city wise information of universities and colleges.
  • Private Universities-Private Universities are not administered by government but they are approved by UGC. We provide city wise information of universities and colleges.

Universities and colleges of India have been world widely acclaimed for their standard of education and functioning. Universities of India’s evolution in divergent streams with every stream is managed by an apex body, controlled by Ministry of Human Resource Development and funded by state government.

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Professional Degrees

A professional degree gives authority to an individual to pursue a particular profession by emphasizing their skills and practical analysation. Most of the professions associated with professional degrees are the ones that require proper licensing and authority to work as a professional in the respective field. The programs usually have different structure and functioning than Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science program or any of the bachelor program.

Professional Degree Programs will help your boundaries to expand and guide you to pursue the profession impeccably. Some professional degrees take longer time or they require post graduate study. There are various certification exams in order to get enrollment in professional degree programs in India. One is not eligible to get admission in respective program if he/she has not given certification or entrance exam.

Advantages of Professional Degree-

  • Professional degree programs enable candidates to work in an environment where they can express their views and also have practical knowledge.
  • You will be able to have real impact on an industry you want to work with and the practise will enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Professional degree candidates generally recommend proposals or solutions. This may lead to significant social and economic impact.
  • A professional degree candidate is usually qualified for top level positions and it enables a person to get well established in a field or career.
  • While pursuing professional degree program, candidates get opportunity to go for internship and work with companies as an intern. This helps candidates to imply their theoretical knowledge practically and this gives exposure to candidates.
  • Various colleges in India have placement opportunities which help candidates to get into a good company.

There are numerous colleges in India offering professional degree in various streams and all the colleges are affiliated to universities granted by UGC. IndiaEdu being a trusted and famous educational resource bank since 1999 assisting students to choose best. This platform caters you all the possible information about colleges offering professional degree and universities in the country. The updates are done time to time.

Professional Courses

In past decades India has made a remarkable growth in number of professional courses available. The growing career demands have pushed the need to acquiring multiple skills fueling this growth. While doing bachelor or postgraduate degree students generally opt for professional courses in parallel. IndiaEdu brings a select list of such courses across the country.

Professional courses were introduced to help aspiring professionals to gain knowledge and skills in the fields of their choice. Many a times traditional education system fails to cater the requirements of students according to their needs but presence of professional courses has made things easier for aspirants to pursue the field of their choice. Professional courses give students on field training and practical knowledge that help them to do things even better. The companies seek highly skilled professionals as they are already skilled and they don’t have to give them training.

The courses can be classified as degree, certificate or diploma courses. There are many colleges and institutes offering professional courses in management, engineering, fashion technology and in so many other disciplines.

Most popular Professional Courses in India are-

  • Media and Journalism Courses- Now-a-days youth is more fascinated to media. Professional course in this field depends on the choice of an individual as it has divergent streams, such as cinematography writing, editing, reporting etc. Courses in Media and Journalism can be offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. One has large number of opportunities in news, media, public relation, television, publishing houses etc. List of colleges, universities and institutes providing media and Journalism can be easily availed from IndiaEdu.
  • Business Management Courses- Management courses have different levels and they are pursued by most of the aspiring professionals. Undergraduate, postgraduate degree/diploma levels and doctorate level can enroll themselves in management courses. After the completion of management course, he/she becomes eligible to join corporate houses and multinational companies. IndiaEdu provides you well detailed information about the colleges, universities and institutes offering business management courses.
  • Engineering and Technical Courses- In India, large number of colleges offer professional course in the disciplines of engineering and technology. Undergraduate, postgraduate degree/diploma levels and doctorate level can enroll themselves in Engineering and Technical Courses. There are enough of job opportunities in related industries and research institutes across the India.
  • Foreign Language Courses-Currently, foreign language courses are most looked for professional courses in India. These courses are offered at certificate, diploma and degree level. There are plenty of job opportunities available in media houses, publishing houses, government, government organisations publishing houses etc.v IndiaEdu provides you accurate information about the colleges and institutes offering foreign language courses.
  • Animation Courses-These days demand for creative work has increased and many of the aspirants choose Animation Courses as it has got immense job opportunities and growth. There are various institutes offering Animation Courses across the country. IndiaEdu provides you the most exhaustive information about the institutes in the country.
  • There are many other professional courses in various disciplines and preferred by most of the aspirants these days. These courses hone the skills and shape them according to the nature of industry. To meet the demands of all the aspirants, there are plenty of institutions offering professional courses. To know about the best institute in your city you may refer to IndiaEdu and you will be sorted here.

Education in Thiruvananthapuram

The capital of the country’s most literate state, Thiruvananthapuram is comprised of major educational hubs. The educational infrastructure in Thiruvananthapuram is widely spread and it is also the home to 15 engineering colleges, three Ayurveda colleges, two colleges of homeopathy, and a few law colleges. There are hundred of schools in the city imparting quality education. The city houses many research centers including ISRO, IISER, BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited etc. Students from various states and countries enroll themselves to the specialized courses in the colleges of the city.

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Education in Srinagar

Education in Srinagar has been improving gradually and has progressed in all these years. People from all over the world gather here to relish the nature but in terms of education the city needs to maintain its entire educational infrastructure. The state government has been emphasizing to improve academic scenario of the city as it lacks proper educational infrastructure. The government may come up with quality changes and make the state’s educational infrastructure more powerful.

The city is home to 8 universities and several colleges and schools. IndiaEdu being the most trusted educational resource bank shall provide you the relevant and accurate information about schools and colleges in respective cities. You shall be sorted here !

Education in Silvassa

Silvassa has come up with notable changes in past few years. Earlier, the city was known as one of the most remote city of the country but the progress of the nation has improved the city in terms of tourism and education. There has been establishment of schools and colleges in the union territory. The government has introduced education schemes for women and children encourage and educate more and more people.

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Education in Shimla

Shimla is not only a favorite holiday destination or tourist spot but also famous for education. Educational infrastructure of the city is well maintained for years. City is home to various schools which are renowned ever since the British era. The city is well known for its quality education across the country. The city bears highest literacy rate as the government has taken measured steps to strengthen and promote the education system.

The city houses some of the most popular schools of the city such as Bishop Cotton School, Auckland House School, Shimla Public School, St. Edward’s School and a few more. The city has some of the famous medical, engineering and management colleges which have engaged large number of students of the city to pursue their higher education. One of the major universities Himachal Pradesh University is located in the city. There has been a tremendous evolution done to educational infrastructure of the city in all these years which has led to great development.

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Education in Ranchi

Ranchi, home to industrial activities is also an educational hub of the state. There are various educational centers attracting large number of students across the country. The city imparts quality education and also assures great opportunities to aspirants. The wide network of colleges and schools has developed educational standards of the city in past few years. The increasing literacy rate of the state clearly shows the educational growth. To promote higher education in the state, the state of Jharkhand has formed Jharkhand Academic Council and Education Project.

The city is home 15 universities and numerous colleges and schools. IndiaEdu being the most exhaustive educational resource bank since 1999 assists you with accurate and relevant information of educational institutes across the city.

Education in Raipur

Raipur is well known for its educational infrastructure across the state. The city is comprised of some reputed educational institutions imparting quality education. The state government has been emphasizing on educational infrastructure and made quality changes to improve the standards. The city is home to 6 renowned universities across the state, numerous schools and colleges imparting education.

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Education in Puducherry

Puducherry is one of the union territories bearing highest literacy rate and educational infrastructure of this union territory is known to be well maintained. The wide network of schools and colleges has led to the large number of enrollments in the union territory. Puducherry has influence french culture since ages, it has adapted french architecture and culture to some extent. Thus, the french education in Puducherry is also bestowed.

Puducherry is home to many newly developed medical and engineering colleges, plenty of schools and 3 universities. The entire institution of this union territory was structured by the government in order to impart education to pupils and for their convenience.

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