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School Education in India

India’s improved education system is often quoted as one of the most essential contributors to its economic growth. According to the surveys made in past few years, school education in India has made a commendable progress in terms of enrolling large number of children to schools. Almost all the schools in India have focus on academic subjects and co-curricular activities and they also have a traditional schooling scenario which emphasises on learning and memorisation. Due to the modernisation there has been some transformations made in pedagogical methods in School education in India which has encouraged large number of children to pay more attention towards studies. Indiaedu being the India’s largest resource bank of all the educational institutes since 1999 shall assist you with the best of information about schools all around India.

In India, children have to give 15 years to rigorous schooling in which they have to follow education system. Children ageing around 3 years start their pre-schooling. In pre-schooling education is not a compulsion but children are given sense of writing and knowing the things they see around them. Montessori system is followed at the preschool level and then comes kindergarten which is divided into lower kindergarten (LKG) for 3-4 years old and upper kindergarten (UKG) for 4-5 years old. Right after kindergarten, children ageing 5 years becomes eligible to pursue elementary or primary school and it ends at the age of 10 years. Middle school starts at the age of 14 years and following that secondary and higher secondary school start and end at the age of 17-18 years.

When children go to higher secondary or it is also referred as +1 and +2, they have freedom to opt their academic area according to their interests. So, this is how children have to give 15 years of their life to school education as it directly leads them to achieve their desired goals.

Types of Schools in India

Public Schools- Public schools or non-government schools are not administered and funded by local, state and national government but they charge tuition fees from children to run the school. Most of the public schools in India are affiliated to CBSE and ICSE and some are to State Board. We provide city wise information about public schools.

Government Schools – Government schools are funded and administered by government agencies. Government schools have low fee structure as they are funded by government and affiliated to CBSE. You can get city wise information about government schools.

Government Aided Schools – Government aided schools are owned by the private management but the rules followed here are according to the government norms. Get to know about the government aided schools in your city.

Boarding Schools – Boarding schools or hostels are for those who wish to study and live during the entire academic term. In boarding schools children are given bed, lodging and meals. We provide city wise information about boarding schools.

Special-needs Schools – Special-needs schools are for specially abled children. They provide informal and vocational training to children which can help developing their skills. You can know about special-needs school in your city.

Managerial and Advisory Bodies

The curriculum related matters are mastered by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). NCERT is an organisation set up by government of India to assist and guide about academic matters and curriculum related to school education. The NCERT has been publishing textbooks since 1961 for academic subjects from the classes 1st to 12th. NCERT publishes several books and also provides sample question papers that can be used in government and private schools of India following CBSE curriculum.

There has been a strong focus on examinations from the age child starts going to school and this leads to develop the atmosphere of competition at Indian schools. Schools conduct exams in intervals which help children to cope up with the entire curriculum and this helps strengthening the knowledge of children and make them perform well in their studies. Every school in India conducts assessments periodically and same trend is followed throughout the country. Children have to give exams conducted by their school till 9th standard. The schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conduct final examination for All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) for 10th and 12th standard. There are two national boards CBSE and ICSE that are considered as the major affiliations for most of the schools in India and there are other state boards as well which are recognised by Indian Government.

We being the most trusted and famous educational resource bank since 1999 assist the ones who want to go to school, the ones who want to get assisted for their children’s better future and the teachers. This platform caters you all the possible information about educational institutes in the country and the updations are done time to time. If you have queries, we have answers to all of your queries.