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Universities in India

The existence of Higher Education System has moved India to the the third largest country bearing higher education after USA and China. The expansion of Higher Education System in India has held up a really good pace in last decade and the foundation of almost 20,000 colleges has come to being in all these years. In India Higher Education is either pursued from public or private universities, private universities are supported by managerial bodies and societies whereas public universities are supported by Government of India and State Government. Indian universities are recognized by University Grant Commission (UGC). Indiaedu as the India’s largest resource bank of all the educational institutes, universities and colleges since 1999 shall assist you with the best of information about universities and the colleges all around India.

University Grant Commission(UGC)
The UGC was established in November 1956 as a regulated body of the government of India by an Act of Parliament to look after the coordination and maintenance of standards of university education in India. UGC has set up six regional centers in order to fortify efficient region-wise coverage within the country.

After schooling students get themselves enrolled in general degree programs such as bachelor’s degree in arts, commerce or science or professional degrees such as engineering, law or medicine. Degree programs last for three years and university examination is conducted during every year. One gets graduate after receiving the degree and right after that post graduation level begins which lasts for 2 years.

The country has 42 Central Universities, 275 State Universities, 130 Deemed Universities and 90 Private Universities. The colleges established under the universities provide professional and academic programs.

Know about the types of Universities in India

  • Central Universities-Central University is also known as Union University. They are initiated by an Act of Parliament and all the 45 UGC listed Central Universities work under the control of the Department of Higher Education in the Human Resource Development Ministry. We provide city wise information of universities and colleges.
  • State Universities-State government of every state and territory of India runs all the state universities and they all are controlled by local legislative assembly act. Most of the universities are affiliating universities and they all administer large number of affiliated colleges in which academic and professional programs are conducted. You can easily avail yourself city wise information of universities and colleges.
  • Deemed Universities-Deemed universities are self governing universities and granted by Department of Higher Education on the furtherance of University Grant Commision(UGC) under UGC Act. You can be at ease by knowing city wise information of universities and colleges.
  • Private Universities-Private Universities are not administered by government but they are approved by UGC. We provide city wise information of universities and colleges.

Universities and colleges of India have been world widely acclaimed for their standard of education and functioning. Universities of India’s evolution in divergent streams with every stream is managed by an apex body, controlled by Ministry of Human Resource Development and funded by state government.

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