Education in Mumbai

Mumbai City is one of the most famous and populous cities offering students great opportunities to study and explore themselves. The city is well equipped with great colleges and schools functioning according to the changes occur in education system. State Government has made plenty of changes to modify Mumbai Education System and it has achieved qualitative excellence and enrollment of students from the city and out of the city is even more now. Large number of students outside the city come to Mumbai for their studies as Mumbai has excellent educational infrastructure and the best facilities are given to migrants.

Mumbai’s Educational Sector is created through the wide range of networks of primary, secondary and higher secondary schools. High quality of education in Mumbai has made it the most preferred educational hub among aspirants. The city is well equipped with 12 universities and hundreds of schools and colleges.

Indiaedu being the most trusted and famous educational resource bank since 1999 assisting students to choose best option to pursue their career. This great platform caters you all the possible information about educational institutes, universities and colleges in Mumbai and the updates are done time to time.

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